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We are a group of
National Trust Members
Volunteer Card Holders.


We support the National Trust 
whilst also learning more 
about our national heritage.

(See Talks & Activities Pages 
for entire year)

Monday 16th June:
Pub Names.  What's INN a name? 
– Brian King

Monday 21st July:
SS Great Britain's Incredible journey back to Bristol– Commander Philip Unwin

Monday 18th August:
7.00pm Social – An evening with 
an antiques expert

Monday 15th September:
The Roman Invasions! 
Their effect in Wiltshire
– Bill King

We enjoy social activities
and visit some of the beautiful properties owned by the National Trust
(or others also open to the public).

See the ACTIVITIES page for full details of our programme of outings and events.

Our complete list of TALKS is accessible from this link or from the top of each page.


You’ll be most welcome to join us
at Kennet Valley N.T. Association!

3rd Monday of each month
 7.30 p.m. 
Lockeridge Village Hall

- unless stated otherwise

All photographs on this site were taken by members of Kennet Valley National Trust Association

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